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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Needs Our Help

  More time has went by than I wanted when it comes to updating this blog-mainly because my mind & heart has been with Japan ever since the quake. Living in Southern California,having a nuclear reactor to the south of me and coastline about a half hour away,& our fishing industry, the obvious similarities really brought this one home. On one hand I'm thankful something like this didn't happen where I am,and at the same time I ache for those in Japan where it did and continues to happen. I wonder how those people are going to rebuild their lives anew,how they're coping with all the loss of family,friends,pets,job,home,city-it's just an overwhelming amount of stuff to deal with.
   I thought the worst disaster I would ever witness in my lifetime was 9-11. I'm sad to say I was wrong. Yet, as I watch the news,I'm seeing the people come together,aiding each other in getting to safety,even a pair of dogs stood firmly together as witnessed on the news. (and are now each receiving veterinary care) So the next question I have is "How can I help?" How can we as ukulele players,help? If you're on Twitter,pass on links for donations to established organizations like the Red Cross,Salvation Army,etc. Keep abreast of the info-what are these people needing,and what are they getting so far? I can't help but wonder how many of the kids & adults would appreciate a ukulele to pass the time away-to provide a healthy,healing diversion.


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