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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Using Capos on Baritone Ukuleles

Say you know the chords to a song in a certain key,then you discover a friend of yours knows the same tune,but in a different key. You could do one of two things in this case-relearn the song in their key,or use a capo-which is soo much easier!
Classical guitar capos work wonderfully well with baritone ukes-they do the job and are easy on the instrument. See the picture for the chart which you'll be using to know what fret the capo need to be on to change to the key you want.
Capos make it all effortless providing you know what fret to place it at (in which case the capo becomes the temporary nut,and you play the chords as you normally would)

Start at the far left and run down the list till you find what key the song is already in,and let you fingers do the walking across the page till you see what key you need to be playing in. Numbers at the top are fret numbers.

So,lets say you know a song in the key of A, and you friend knows the sale song in the key of C. Look at the chart & find the original key of A,then run your finger across on that line till you find C. Looking at the top of the page,you see you need to capo at the 3rd fret and play as you normally would. Tah dah!


  1. For a beginner is this best to start with I-IV-V7 type songs? say, C-F-G7 shapes would be held in each capoed position? So do you change your frame of thinking to 1-4-5? Does this make sense to you?

  2. Number one rule of music is don't over complicate it in your mind :-) Just move the capo to the desired key fret,and play the chord forms as you would in the "non capo'd" key,with the capo acting as the nut,or 1st fret.