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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bass Runs Part 2...And A Right Hand Picking Pattern

I'm hoping you're having fun working with the bass runs presented in the key of D. Now I'd like to give you runs made for the key of C:
  • C to G7.....E F# G or B A G
  • G7 to C....A B C or D D# E
  • C to F......D E F or A G F
  • F to C.....E D C or A B C
  • F to G7... E F# G or B A G
  • G7 to F....D E F 
  • C to Am...C B A 
      I don't know how many of you are into fingerstyle playing-there are several wonderful right hand patterns to use with chords-they'll make your music making sound more complicated than it is. one simple right hand pattern I like to use is Thumb Middle Index Ring or T M I R. Get your bari out and have the thumb of your right hand sitting on the  4th string,index on the 3rd,middle on the 2nd,and ring on the 1st. The tip of my pinky usually winds up sitting against the body of the uke as a brace to keep my right hand in place. Now form any chord you want (or none at all-you'll be playing a G6 chord then) and slowly pluck one string at a time with the right hand in the T M I R pattern mentioned earlier. Be patient with yourself and soon the entire repeating pattern will get to be like a reflex. Once you get a grasp on this pattern try it while changing chords.

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