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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bass Runs...Spice Up Those Chord Changes!

    A most thoughtful reader asked to hear more about bass runs. These simple little ditties can really add some flair when changing from one chord to the next. Just be careful not to overdo it-like using spices when cooking,sometimes a little dash here & there does more than dumping a whole bunch in the mix. You'll need to know the notes of your bari strings for these up to the 5th fret for now.  Experiment,and remember there's 3 positions for every chord on baritone,so work with combos of chord formations & bass runs & see what works best for you. I'll be presenting these runs by what key you may be playing in,and for today we will start with......the key of D. I'll start with what two chords we're working with,and then the individual notes of the run following.
  • D to A7 .....C#,B,A
  • A7 to D..... B C# D
  • D to G...... E F# G or B A G 
  • G to D......B C# D
  • A7 to G....E F# G
  • G to A7....G G# A
  • D to Bm...A A# B                             

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