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Friday, February 25, 2011

Chinatown,My Chinatown Arranged for Baritone Uke

     My apologies to my readers for the absence-I've caught whatever wierd sinus/cold bug has been going around and it comes with a cough-which has been waking me up at night. 
      Now that I'm starting to shake this bug,I finally arranged a tune for you-one that I learned on soprano & fell in love with-"Chinatown,My Chinatown" written in 1916. A very catchy timeless tune-I'm learning how to do PDFs,so please bear with me while I learn the ropes on this one. You'll find the tablature arrangement at the bottom of this post and do feel free to print for personal use. If you're wondering why I did this in TAB,I wanted to be sure everyone could enjoy it-the arrangement I originally learned was in standard notation-just so you can see what pleasures sight reading music can bring you. 
       The lowest note in this piece is a middle C note at the end of the first line. Since our baritones only go down to a D (4th string open) I pluck the 2nd string 1st fret while at the same time hitting an E note by fretting the D string at the 2nd fret. Hitting the C and E together creates a voicing with enough C in it that it does the job beautifully. I have also provided chord grids at the bottom in case there's one you don't know. Remember there's always three positions you can play each chord in and make an effort to learn the 3 positions of each chord that you can. This will expand the tonal range you can get from your bari & makes your playing even more interesting when jamming with soprano ukulele players. Here's the link so you can print your own copy of the song. Enjoy! 

Chinatown,My Chinatown Bari-uke

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